YoiYoi Gift Boxes

The more we celebrate in life

the more there is to celebrate

Oprah Winfrey


YoiYoi Classic Gift Boxes

YoiYoi’s hand made , heirloom quality lacquer ware gift boxes are bright, alluring and beautiful. Each square, rectangular or round keepsake box in the Classics range carries an inscription in the lid which will deliver a unique and very special sentiment to your loved one.

The more we celebrate in life, the more there is to celebrate!
Oprah Winfrey
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YoiYoi Bespoke Memory Boxes

Nothing says ‘I Love You’, ‘Thank You’ or ‘Enjoy Your Special Day’ more than a Bespoke YoiYoi Memory Box… a unique gift that has so clearly come from a lot of thought on your part. And that gift is even better if it will last a lifetime as it reminds you of wonderful memories.

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce...
Karl Lagerfeld

How to order your Memory Box

Each memory box is made to your specific requirements and is, therefore, unique to you.
To ORDER YOUR MEMORY BOX NOW just follow these easy steps:
Choose the size of memory box you would like to co-create. Then choose the image you would like to appear on the lid of your memory box from your photo library.
Upload the image during the check out process
Add your personal message in the dialogue box. This will be screen printed inside the lid of your memory box in gold lettering.
Proceed to checkout to finalise your order.
Now for the hard part… wait 4-5 weeks to receive your new memory box delivered to your door.