The YoiYoi Story…

So often people ask me where the name YoiYoi came from. Well, there’s a simple explanation: It was the nickname my siblings and I had for our grandfather. He was a great man – strong, generous, an excellent businessman and a very loving person. YoiYoi stood for so much that I strive for in my own life and he made me realise that you can do anything if you put your heart and soul into it. All-in-all then, he was a fantastic inspiration to me; and so when it came time to think of a name for my business, YoiYoi was the obvious choice.


A very good friend of mine was going through a bit of a hard time in his life; and one year, when I asked him what he would like for Christmas, he replied: ‘A jar of happiness.’ So I began painting a jar just for him. I used really bright colours and filled it with my wishes for love and happiness in his life. He absolutely loved it, and from that reaction I decided to expand on the idea. And that’s how my original range of ‘YoiYoi Classics’ came about.

My latest range of “Memory Boxes” aims at touching people on an even deeper level because they incorporate reminders of loved ones and joyful moments spent with them. I believe our past experiences and memories make us who we are. I also think these memories and the emotions they evoke create the strongest connections between people.

So, I am very proud to announce my newest range of totally unique and stunningly beautiful ‘Memory Boxes’.


Each YoiYoi Gift is of the highest quality. Each item is bespoke – handmade to your personal specifications and using ancient artisan techniques. This makes for a precious personal gift. Each YoiYoi product is a one-off, a gift from the heart and just perfect for special occasions – to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, landmark birthdays, births and christenings – or maybe just as a way to tell someone how much you love them.

I source all my products in countries such as Vietnam. But, every YoiYoi Gift is completely unique. Nothing is mass-produced in impersonal (and often inhumane) sweatshops and factories. I work only with small family businesses. I talk directly to the highly-skilled craftsmen and women who work on my products; and I ensure all employees are treated fairly and work in comfortable conditions.

The Vietnam Connection

I wanted something really special for my new line: ‘Memory Boxes’. The materials, the craftsmanship, the designs; they all had to be just right to express the spirit. I wanted strong and durable materials that would last and last, and I wanted to create boxes that were made by hand, not machines. After spending years searching the world for the right medium, I found it in Vietnam where there is an ancient tradition of lacquerware.

Keeping an ancient tradition alive
in a modern world

Vietnamese Lacquerware is a centuries-old form of fine art. It includes the process of applying many layers of lacquer and also the technique of rubbing the lacquerware in water. It is an immensely time-consuming process. It takes up to twenty different intricate stages to create the final fabulous product.

And what sealed the deal for me to choose Vietnamese Lacquerware? This: Some say the blackness of traditional lacquer represents the universe – holding all things and having infinite depth.